Shop Life During a Pandemic .... January 12 2021, 9 Comments

We're coming close to a whole year since the beginning of the Pandemic.

Crazy a year ago the team was getting ready for the Cali trip not knowing what the world would turn into coming back.

Once the lock down hit In March, we didn't exactly know what to do. We even bordered up the shop on some domesday thinking. Luckily bikes were an essential business giving us the okay to stay open during these times.

10 months flew making it the busiest the shop has ever been in the 10 years being open with sales going off the roof! 

For more details about shop life during COVID you can check us out on DIGBMX and FATBMX  for full interviews!

Shout out to all the customers for being patient, dealing, and following with all the guidelines as we get through all this!