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The Grindwheel Grand Slam Jam 2017 Video and Photo Gallery! August 01 2017, 19 Comments

The Jam of all Jams!! The Grindwheel Crew has done it again! The second annual Grand Slam Jam was one for the books. With well over fifty riders, this jam proved to have it all. Amazing riding, crazy drama and a whole lot of laughter! So stoked to see a confrontation end in a non-violent and hilarious way. Enjoy this!!

Group on top of the World

Thank you Denver!!! -Photo: Preston Levi

Billie Fox Pedal Slide -Photo: Preston Levi

Devin Burks 60/40 Feeble -Photo: Preston Levi

Danimal Nielsen Dubbz -Photo: Preston Levi

Preston Levi Ice Slide -Photo: Billie Fox

Anthony Pallante Bump to Wall -Photo: Preston Levi

Paco Quintana Over Pegs -Photo: Preston Levi

God King Adrian Vigil Crooked Grind -Photo: Preston Levi


Pusher Goes to Pittsburgh? March 29 2017, 10 Comments


"Well, are you guys sure that you want to go to The Wheel Mill still? I guess it just snowed eighteen inches and shows no signs of slowing down. Should we just go to California?" -Clayer

This was our conversation five minutes before we left. This was a trip filled with twists from the start! Fly by the seat of your pants style traveling from Flagstaff to Huntington Beach. This trip's crew consisted of Tuan Duong, Dillon Greybeal, Preston Levi and Clay Brown. Good times were had in this Great American Southwest Tale!

Check out the photo gallery from the trip at

Music By:
The Doors
Song: Five to One
Album: Waiting for the Sun


The Grindwheel X ABQDNV "Grand Slam Jam" Video July 14 2016, 8 Comments

The GrindWheel & ABQDNV Grand Slam Jam was a total success! If you didn't get the opportunity to make it there, Elevated Perspective put this killer edit together for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!!