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Riding The DTC Skatepark After Dark! September 16 2017, 7 Comments

Earlier this week Elevated Perspective and the Crew met up at The Denver Tech Center Park. A lot of laughs, Fiji water and Model-O's were had as we lit up the night!! Andrew is always coming up with awesome ideas for everyone to get out and have fun together. Enjoy!


Pusher Goes to Pittsburgh? March 29 2017, 10 Comments


"Well, are you guys sure that you want to go to The Wheel Mill still? I guess it just snowed eighteen inches and shows no signs of slowing down. Should we just go to California?" -Clayer

This was our conversation five minutes before we left. This was a trip filled with twists from the start! Fly by the seat of your pants style traveling from Flagstaff to Huntington Beach. This trip's crew consisted of Tuan Duong, Dillon Greybeal, Preston Levi and Clay Brown. Good times were had in this Great American Southwest Tale!

Check out the photo gallery from the trip at

Music By:
The Doors
Song: Five to One
Album: Waiting for the Sun


The Grindwheel X ABQDNV "Grand Slam Jam" Video July 14 2016, 8 Comments

The GrindWheel & ABQDNV Grand Slam Jam was a total success! If you didn't get the opportunity to make it there, Elevated Perspective put this killer edit together for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!!

Preston Levi/Pusher BMX Shop 2015 Video December 04 2015, 9 Comments

"2015 started off with some leg surgery and a whole lot of stitches. Thirty four between both legs to be exact. It has been a tough journey to get back to riding comfortably. There were times that I didn't know if I would ever be able to ride like I did prior to my leg break. With the help of Pusher BMX Shop, my lovely girlfriend Dani, and the loving care of my Aunt and Uncle, I would have never been able to.

However, another source of inspiration came to me. We made a friend at the shop this year named Alex Lewis. He was a young man fighting cancer and dreaming of riding bmx bikes and living the shop life. He was such an inspiration to all of us with his strength and positive nature. Alex lost his battle with cancer this past autumn. His message and inspiration however can never be defeated. So to anyone watching, anyone who cares, this one's for you Alex. Shred in the sky homie, we'll grind again someday."


Filmed By: Billie Fox, Dan Nielsen, Trick Willy, Dani Raeann, Tricaia Dunn, Dan Kruk

Music By:
Tame Impala
Song: Elephant
Album: Lonerism


Full Factory Shop Stop Monday June 29TH!!! June 24 2015, 0 Comments

Come out to the shop on Monday night for a chance to ride with the Full Factory crew! Show up around six and jam out with  us on the shop ramps as well as a couple of new additions. Good times!


Pusher Blood and Guts Competition Video Highlights March 18 2015, 1 Comment

We had a great turnout for the return of the Pusher BMX Blood & Guts contest, held at Evolve Action Sports Park this past Sunday, March 8th. Lots of great riding in all of the classes! It was awesome to see the intensity and excitement from the riders and the enthusiasm from all of the great fans. This was our first competition at Evolve Action Sports Park and with a large amount of cash up for grabs in the pro class things were bound to get crazy! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the cause, be on the look out for more events like this coming up soon!

Dillon Graybeal's Welcome to Pusher Edit! November 18 2014, 10 Comments

Dillon Graybeal Welcome to Pusher from Sean Hanni on Vimeo.

We put Dillion on the team this summer on the Pusher Mountain Trip after coming on the trip for a few years now and always supporting Pusher and he fits in like a glove on the team! We are all stoked he's apart of the Family! Holla!