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Grindwheel's Dream Team Challenge TEAM VIDEOS October 16 2016, 1 Comment

Well, what am month it has been. I can't express my gratitude to everyone who participated. Every team came out and put forth a great effort to get this contest poppin. I can't believe the support from the local scene. Another big thank you to everyone who came out to the I Am Ledge-End Jam to celebrate this month with us.


Introduction Video

Team Broomfield Locals: 5750 Points

Team GrindWheel: 8750 Points

Team Pusher BMX: 10,700 points



GRINDWHEEL'S "Dream Team Challenge" RULES & CHALLENGE LIST August 25 2016, 0 Comments

(team sign up is closed)
1- Every team must have five members. No more. No less.
2- Every team must have at least one rider over the age of 21
3- Every team must have at least one rider under the age of 21
4- Every member of the team MUST complete at least three challenges, not including group challenges.
5- All teams must be signed up before the challenges are released on 9/1/2016
6- Every team must submit a video edit of all the challenges completed
7- All edits must be shorter than 6 minutes long
8- All edits must be submitted by 10/1/2016
9- Spots are first come, first serve. If another crew is already trying to complete a challenge at a spot, you have to wait for them to finish. Every team can get the opportunity to earn each spots points. Wait your turn because, at the end of the day, we are all on the same team.
10- HAVE F@$%ING FUN!!!
-Hang Five down at least one block of The 16th Street Mall
-Carve over the stairs both ways in the Broomfield pool bowl
-Long jump 20 feet to flat
-Blindfolded hop bar spin
-Wall ride over another team member
-Slam a beer (milk if you're under 21), and Pole Jam and crush the can. One Clip.
-Grind the entire J-Ledge at Denver Skatepark
-One team member must have face painted for 24 hours
-Hop crank flip riding from one end of a Lite Rail Train Car to the other while it goes full speed
-Trick a stair gap with a girl in the middle
-360 three dirt jumps in a row
-Jump over the Redstone Skatepark Fence Gap
-Grind a flat rail into the South Platte River
-Crooked grind a street rail dressed like a crook
-Eat five pieces of bread and do a 540. One Clip.
-Jump all of Ruby Hill's XL line with no shoes
-Perform a pegless manuever down the DTC Hubba Ledges (I25 & Orchard)
-Quarter pipe air out higher than your tallest team member
-Go over 30MPH past a Speed Sign (the one's that tell you how fast you're going)
-Trick the School of Mines Track and Field Rail Hop
-Grind a 15 stair hand rail
-Build a brand new dirt jump and then back flip it
-At least two team members stay the night at a dirt or street spot
-Every team member does a seperate drop gap while dressed like Sean Burns
-One team member gives another team member a bike related stick poke tattoo
-Complete all of the challenges
*Winners will be awarded on October 15, 2016 at GrindWheel's Halloween Jam

The Grindwheel X ABQDNV "Grand Slam Jam" Video July 14 2016, 0 Comments

The GrindWheel & ABQDNV Grand Slam Jam was a total success! If you didn't get the opportunity to make it there, Elevated Perspective put this killer edit together for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!!