Pusher's Southwest Drift February 20 2017, 18 Comments

 Our original idea was to go out East in winter with Tuan, Dillion, Preston and myself to ride the indoor parks but 18 inches of snow out that way changed our minds as soon as we got in the jeep. Fuck snow! We headed for the desert and the beach. Best decision we ever made! Nothing but good times and good friends all the the way there and back. We camped at Joshua tree, we did homework in AZ till 3 in the morning, we handled some liquor and road miles, we rode everything and I mean everything, ate lots of beans and In N Out, almost got in a fight and gave a homeless man a beer. Thanks to everyone that showed us a good time and let us crash at their place you guys made it so damn fun. Enjoy the pictures. 

Photos by:

Steven  Mueller

Clay Brown

Preston Solis

Beach Boiz"Went to the desert on a horse with no name..."Joshua TreeKris Fox steezin'All hail Josh Heino