Pusher Mountain Trip 2016 Photo Gallery August 03 2016, 11 Comments

One week in the Rocky Mountains with the Pusher Shop Team fueled by Alcohol,Candy Weed and Propane with the intention of camping riding and sight seeing everything in our way.

   We ripped around the mountains on motorcycles followed by two cars full of our gear and bikes camping in different National Forest spots nightly getting into heated discussions about the stupidest things, seeing whos liver is the strongest and buying more bread than a crew of 9 would ever need. We rode over a half dozen parks, rafted down a river and traveled over 1,000 miles in the state of CO seeing some of the best scenery America has to offer. We seen the Lahey challenge go down we saw the rage of a close friend and millions and millions of stars every evening. 

  When you eat out of a cooler, wake up hungover for a week and are constantly on the go it starts to wear on the body. We all decided to call it quits after night 7 and opted for a nice meal in Frisco and to get home early to our wonderful beds and GFs   

Enjoy the photos in this gallery all shot by

Preston Solis Clay Brown Steven Mueller



Stars over Durange