Preston Solis Bike Check March 19 2019, 0 Comments

Preston really does love BMX. Whether he's fixing your bike at the shop, throwing jams for the scene or pedaling through the pouring snow, the mans has your back! Check out his current set up and see what gets him from point A to B.

Pics: Danny Camacho

Frame: Fit Homan Frame 21.25

Bar: Odyssey Super Highway 9.75

Fork: Odyssey R25

Stem: Odyssey Raft 

Sprocket: Odyssey Half Bash 25t

Seat: Fiend Reynolds

Chain: Shadow Half Link

Cranks: Fit Indent 170mm

Pedals: Eclat AK

Rims: Merritt Battle 

Tires: Demo Hammerhead 2.4

Hubs: Shadow Front/ Shadow Rear Coaster

Pegs: Odyssey MPEGS 4'

Grips: Animal Jeff K Grips

#pusherbmx #grindwheel