LUCK THE BRRR! March 21 2019, 2 Comments

ABQDNV with the first jam to kick off the year. The Luck of the Brrr themed around the party weekend of St. Patricks day. Having two wild Leprechauns running around pumped up everyone to get it!

Photos : Clay Brown

Once we found the pot of gold the party was on.

Devin Burks 360 can boost over the rainbow.

All the homies.

Always good to see Adrian Vigil.

Tremaine Steward tail whip.

Hogan with the classic move.


Devin Burks with the bump 270.

No pegs and front brakes stunner James Pocowatchit getting that thing as flat as possible.

One of Two Wild Leprechaun Jack Jolley down whipping.

Sometimes you have to tire ride a rail to get them extra ones $ Scotty Cyphers always throwing down at the jams.

Devin Burks crank arm before the piggys showed up.

Cops arriving to ruin the fun on the last spot to conclude the day.

Ride Bikes and make peace!!


Thank you for everyone who showed up, plenty of more Jams to come with winter being finally over.