Grindwheel's Dream Team Challenge 2018 August 01 2018, 23 Comments

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Here we go again! The game of games has begun again. For our third year of the Grindwheel DTC, we wanted to up the stakes a little bit. Prepare for more madness and difficult tasks to accomplish. I hope no one is afraid of fire, broken glass, liquids, or animals. Prepare to die in this years, Dream Team Challenge.

1- Every Team must have from 6-9 riders
2- Every Team must have a mascot
3- Each Challenge may be completed by three separate team riders for points
4- Challenges can only be completed during the month of September
5- All teams must submit a video of the challenges completed by 9/30/2018
*All teams must be signed up by 8/31/2018 in order to participate. Team packages will be passed out (mailed if not in CO) on 9/1/2018 which will include all of this year's antics and tasks to accomplish.
Team Name  Team Mascot Team Members
Grindwheel Metal Pegs

Preston Levi, Devin Burks, Dan Nielsen, Adrian Vigil, Ernest Peters, Shane VanVeldhuizen-shiezen

Untrue BMX Untrue Robot Colin Gilmore, Joey hobart, Jon Harris, Jeff Harris, Seth Snyder

Pusher BMX (2017Champions)

Clint Eastwood Clay Brown, Mat Olson (2017 Best Rider Award), Nic Bonner, Josh Dunn, Tammy McCarley, Micah Lee, Sean Hanni, Dan Kruk
Pedal Action Tony Jong-il Big E, Dustin Boatright, Ryan Faught, Trent Alexander, Zach Kent, Anthony Amos, Tristan Ivas, Lou Kubar, Caleb Mandry
Team Farvada Cow Eric Schiel, Dylan Egli, Adam Baughman, David Campbell, Michael Hill, Adrian Gerardo, Jordan El Nassar, Robin Richardson
ABQ DNV/DutsComp Prison Mike Dustin Arp, Kenjoe Robinson, Ross Albreski, Ben Choden, Mario Carrasco, Danny Camacho, Maxime Chevron
Space Case Lil Mayo Darian Schumaker, Tucker Bonds, Jerry Dickerson, Elijah Avalos, Lupe Mendoza, Dennis Newman, Zane Kibbe, Juan Borjas
Lawson Cycles Pigeon Jon Lawson, Scott Dockstater, Cam Vincent, Heath Owens, Dylan Hernandez, Lowell Knapp, Ian Platte, John Welter, Luke Deweese
Floridudes Alligator The Dude, Mark Mulville, Bob Pratt, Chad DeGroot, Matt Coplon, Matt Perkins, Ryan Torrence, David Bong, Drew McFarlane
Pusher Race Team Radical Rick Kevin Nielsen, Geon Nielsen, Travis Allen, Patrick Dillon, Nick Shepherd,  Mike Murfitt, Jason Miles, Jason Devous (INJURED: Lacerated Liver), Zack Parrish, Deak Brown
Badgers in Heat Angry Badger Josiah Janicek, Malik Daily, Nick Striker, Aiden Kirk, Kyler Merten, Danny Davis, Ashton Devore
Team Swear Juul Chris Bernardo, Ben Forseberg, Ryan Brackett, Jeff Dorschner, Tommy Nguyen, Chris Dimiceli
Jess & The Macho Men Randy Savage Habo, Scotty Cyphers, Emores Petty, Ryan Cibulski, Jessica Ausec, Billy Beeble, Tuan Duong
Team 3.2 Tulsa, OK 3.2% Beer Justin Coble, Dravin Groove, Drew Jackson, Bradley Crane, Big Aaron Anderson, Kevin Lira, Colin Wright, Logan Wallace, Shawn Underwood
500 Point Challenges
-Complete a lap at a local BMX Race Track
-Gap down a ten stair with no chain
-Hold a board and have a team mate wall tap you
-Switch to another team rider's bike halfway thru a trick
-360 Table off of a Table
-Blindfolded bunny hop tail whip
-Handplant another team riders head
-Grind for 25ft
-Chug a glass bottle beverage and peg ching break the bottle
-Pole Jam over a Teammate
750 Point Challenges
-Backflip and ring a cowbell
-180 a dirt jump
-Chug a Kambucha while doing a Surfer
-Wall ride over two people
-Go 25mph past a Speed Sign and get splashed with 5 gallons of water
-Opposite 360 a Dirt Jump with shoes on wrong feet
-Grind thru a plastic peg in one try
-Drink a 40oz and 540 over a team mate (Pint of Milk if under 21)
1000 Point Challenges
-Do a Street line while tied to another team rider
-Hop Bar Spin with bike on fire
-Half Cab a dirt Jump
-Grind a handrail with no tires on your bike
-Jump three jumps with feet on pegs
-Manual for fifty feet while team throws water balloons at you
1500 Point Challenges
-At least four team members eat a meal in an alleyway
-Get a clip riding in a fast food restaurant or grocery store
-Get a tattoo from another team member from a home made tattoo gun
-Grind a handrail with bike on fire
2000 Points if one person completes all challenges
2500 Points if all challenges completed by team