Grindwheel's 2018 Dream Team Challenge III Results October 23 2018, 7 Comments

Fire, wrecking, ropes and handrails! This past September was really one to remember. For the third year in a row, riders from all over the country participated in the game of games: The Grindwheel Dream Team Challenge. 

Every September, crews of BMX enthusiasts hit the streets lighting themselves on fire, jumping over each other and drinking beverages at an alarming rate. To the normal man, this is certainly madness. However, to 114 riders this seemed like a great idea.

Fourteen teams signed up this year turning in twelve videos and including over 100 riders. Each team is given a list of "challenges" to complete for alotted point amounts. At the end of September, the team who turns in a video of themselves scoring the most points: wins. Seems pretty easy right?

Wrong. Every rider will tell you it is harder than you may think. In three years, we've seen hospital visits, separated shoulders, ripped finger tips. and plenty of vomiting. Pain arrives in the most unlikely of ways in September. 

We'd like to thank Adam Kennedy down at Two Fisted Mario's for helping us get the Video Premier organized. Also a huge thank you to Fred Gates and Reklamation BMX for helping us with the banners and prizes. Thank you to the staff and also thank you to each and every rider that helped make this so fun and rad! Thank you BMX!!


Without further delay, here are the results of another amazing month of lunacy. 

  • 1st: The Grindwheel - 47,500 points
  • 2nd: Team Farvada - 47,000 points
  • 3rd: Pusher BMX Shop - 41,500 points
  • 4th: The Untrue Gang - 36,500 points
  • 5th: Team Tulsa 3.2 - 29,250 points
  • 6th: Pusher BMX Race Team - 28,600 points
  • 7th(tie): Team Lawson Cycles - 24,750 points
  • 7th(tie): The Floridudes - 24,750 points
  • 9th: Pedal Action BMX - 16,000 points
  • 10th: Jess & The Macho Men - 13,500 points
  • 11th: ABQDNV/DutsComp - 10,500 points (BE$T VIDEO AWARD)
  • 12th: Team Swear - 8500 points
  • 13th: Team Space Case - DNF
  • 13th: The Badgers in Heat - DNF