Frisco Bike Park Dirt Jam! September 12 2018, 2 Comments

      The town of Frisco was founded by Henry Recen in 1880 because of the mining boom throughout the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Pioneers, bandits, miners, trappers and traders came here in search of riches beyond their wildest dreams. The times have changed now as the town now attracts more than just your average thrill seeker.

      People from all over the world come to visit Frisco, Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, Keystone, and Arapahoe Basin for the amazing skiing and snowboarding conditions. In the summer months, the area attracts outdoor enthusiasts from all walks of life. One of the attractions that brings people from far and wide is the Frisco Adventure Bike Park. 

      Nestled between The Wichita and Swan Mountains, FABP offers downhill, slalom, and jump sections for all skill levels of riders. On Sunday, September 9, the Pusher BMX Crew threw a Dirt Jump Jam to bring riders together and have a good time. The event was sponsored by Profile Racing, Demolition Parts, The Shadow Conspiracy, Subrosa and Kink BMX.

      There were about fifty riders in attendance with a bunch of very happy spectators. If you were present, then you were lulled by the smooth voice of Pat Sabo on his new microphone. Mat Olson decided to put on a dirt jumping clinic that displayed basically every jumping variation you can do on a BMX Bike. Ryan Cibulski went really high and the local shredders did some of the best trains that I have personally ever witnessed. 

      If you missed this one, I hope that these pictures help you get a feel for the great day that was had. Come out to the next jam. Throw out the meanest dog piss air that you can muster and experience the good times that the Frisco Adventure Bike Park has to offer.

Text: Preston Levi, Photos: Tony Wilhelm

The Starting Hill. Photo: Tony Wilhelm

Mat Olson Back flip. Photo: Tony Wilhelm

Mat Olson doing nothing. Photo: Tony Wilhelm

Mat Olson Spin Whipper. Photo: Tony Wilhelm

Ryan Cibulski went REALLY high. Photo: Tony Wilhelm.

Ryan Cibulski dipped three. Photo: Tony Wilhelm

Adrian Vigil is, and always will be a beast. Photo: Tony Wilhelm

Clay Brown organized the event and we all thank him! Photo: Tony Wilhelm

Preston Levi one footer. Photo: Tony Wilhelm

Winestain with the One footed table. Photo: Tony Wilhelm

Devin Burks one handed X. Photo: Tony Wilhelm

Danny Pierce is one of the hard working locals that we really all owe a debt of grattitude. Places like this dont exist without people like these guys. The workers. The passionate few. Thank you!! Photo: Tony Wilhelm