GrindWheel #2 at Little Machine Beer Co. April 18 2016, 7 Comments

The Grindwheel Crew is at it again! This time, they are teaming up with Emage Skate Shop, and will be taking their ramps and rails down to Little Machine Beer off of 20th & Federal Boulevard just minutes from Downtown Denver. With rumors of a Pinata, you can plan on having a good time again! Riders and skaters of all ages are allowed to participate. You just have to be 21+ to drink. Food trucks will be available for any hunger issues you might also encounter. The festivities begin at 12pm with local band Panaderia kicking things off. The Rail Jam will go down from 3-5pm followed by more live music from Josh Moorehead & the Guest List plus the Kinky Fingers.

Did I also mention that the place is located RIGHT by the famous hip that Van Homan no-foot-canned in one of the early Props Videos? 

Check out the video from the last jam while you are at it!