Pusher En El Paso Video March 22 2016, 4 Comments

The Pusher BMX shop team tripped down to El Paso for a weekend of ditches and Tecate. 

The goal was to drive through the night sleep two hours in a parking lot get up and shred the west Texas town of El Paso. The crew was itching big time to ride in some warm weather after one cold ass winter and a few of us were coming off injuries and in need of nothing but riding and good times.

  No sleep didnt bother us at all, simply add Tecates and the bros and the riding was on. New spots bring out excitement and El Paso has hidden gems everywhere. Grimy, dirty, old town filled with endless ditches, unique spots and dust. We hit a nice mixture of ditches, street spots and parks. The boys killed it at every spot we went to and did not dissapoint in the night life either. We ate like high school kids and partied like sailors on leave. Preston lead the crew with 59 Tecates in two days while the rest of the crew just did their best to keep up. We stayed about 10 blocks from the Mexico border and it sure seemed like it. The gringos were accepted by the locals and we made amigos with the bar tenders and local senoritas. Each day was a repeat of the next, find a park to warm up grab some shitty food and some Tecates get sun burnt and shred till last call.

  Every time the shop team gets together for a road trip shit is going to wild and fun and it always reminds me as to why the hell i continue to run around the country with kids half my age on a short budget, no sleep just to enjoy laughs and the all important BMX bike. Cant wait till the next time im already itching for more.

Thanks to all the locals for the Rad hospitality. You guys Rule!