2020 Pusher Mountain Trip Gallery August 20 2020, 24 Comments

This Years Mountain Trip was one of for the books once again! With all the bumps on the road the boys still managed to make the most of it. From flights for life to broken van belts they still were laughing themselves to sleep by the fire every night.

The plan was to start in FairPlay and head south but with how things unfolded the boys kept it chill and stayed near with van parts not being available anytime soon. 

Oh well, they still showed up to every park ready to get it! Please enjoy and keep them eyes open for the Video dropping soon!

Colin Gilmore

Danny Camacho

Dan Nielsen

Preston Solis

Devin Burks

Micah Lee

Shane VanVeldhuizen

Sean Hanni

Josh Dunn


On the way

Shortly arriving to the park, Dev was getting warmed up and took a spill falling straight to flat on a case causing his trip to be cut short.

Flight for Life. "make sure you get the clip of me flying out" is all the chef wanted!

After a wild first day experience the crew made their way to the top for a scenic campground.

Doesn't get better then this!

Preston Gappin in Vail.

Colin holding it for Dev.

Shane V still getting after a shoulder crash he's been dealing with. 

This guy can ride a bike Tam Fam. 

Must be Nice Dan!

It isn't a Pusher Mountain Trip without someone passing out at the fire trashed.

Team vape sesh! 

Daily work on the van.

Young Leche in the cut.

Smoked out.


Ready for take off!

High fives for Tammy.

Welcoming our boy Colin to the Pusher Family. This dude rips


Late night by the fire.

The vest of times out here in the Rocky Mountains!


Shout out to the man behind the trigger Preston for all these pictures!

Video out soon.