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Rant LL Cool Peg


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The new peg on the block. Slim , light, mean. The Rant LL 
Cool Peg is a plastic sleeve peg with an steel inner core built 
for the home boys. With a smaller diameter, we have been 
able to reduce weight and overall performance. Grind what 
you like. The LL stands for Light and Long-lasting. With killer 
graphics, tech materials and killer style, this is your next peg. 
When you’re Goin’ Back To Cali, don’t forget the peg. Sold as singles with replacement sold separately.

- Precision forged steel inner core
- Nylon composite sleeve
- Length: 115mm
- Diameter: 37mm
- Axle: 14mm or 3/8” with included adaptor
- Weight: 7.6 oz.
- Colors: black, white

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