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No Wear V2 Mike DiNelio Signature Frame



The Popular Mike D Signature frame is back with it's V2 model!

We are now accepting Pre-Orders with a current turn around of roughly 6-8 weeks
Or check to see what might be in stock as well

"Mike DiNello" V2 signature model
Changes and new features:
- Wider rear-end and BB for fitting larger 2.4 tires
-Triple cable guides
-Removable gyro tabs
-We also went away from welded seat clamps, we feel this adds more reliability and an excuse to add that little extra color or bling to your ride with an aftermarket clamp.
-TT length is now 20.6"

Light Weight & Strong
Nowear believes in making the highest quality parts while supporting local and American jobs. Our V2 models are manufactured in Georgia, then painted and stickered in Nebraska.

Take tech riding to the next level!
With it's virtual top tube design there is a substantial amount of extra-foot clearance making countless tricks easier, and the impossible tricks, possible! The additional angle brace gives more opportunity for creativity on tech tricks as a smooth platform for frame standing. The slightly steeper head tube and shorter rear end make this frame extremely responsive.
We set out on a mission for the best rear end braking possible; starting with welded chain stay 990 mounts so the braking force goes towards the tubing, rather than pulling it away. Offering the shortest and straightest possible routing for the cables allows you to dial them into perfection. You are able to run dual cables from the Rotor tabs, through the guides and ending at the cable stops on the BB right by the brake arms. We added the sleek triple cable guides to the V2's for ease of either dual rotor cabling or single.

Although it has the unique look you often see in flatland or trails bikes, park and ramp use are behind the design.

Headtube 75.75
BB height 11.6"
Chainstay 12.75" slammed
seat tube 72 degree
stand over 7.5"
Top Tube 20.6"

Brake equipped unit approx: 4.7 lbs
Brakeless unit approx: 4.5 lbs

Colors: Gloss Black & Gloss Yellow

Brake kits also available: Nowear likes to make things easy so if your purchasing our brake model we offer a cable kit for and extra $20. This kit will include 2 lower single gyro cables for properly installing the dual lower routing system. We will also include a new cable knarp since you will need this for your other brake arm side.

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