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If you take GSport's Ribcage rim and lace it to the Odyssey Clutch v2 Freecoaster hub, you’ll end up with one incredible rear wheel. 

Now also including the new GSport High PSI Rim Strip which are sold separately as well.


The Clutch v2 Hub is a traditional clutch-based coaster hub design that eliminates all of the problematic elements on ordinary hubs and only keeps the parts that work. A new, super-strong FULL 14mm axle, bearing configuration, and drag mechanism design stops the need for constant repairs. Equipped with external slack adjustment, which can be done with a 2.5mm hex key through a hub shell access hole (can be adjusted without removing the wheel), and an improved plastic hub guard spec.


The Ribcage has been one of the only rims to have true design breakthroughs in the last few years, since its introduction the competition has scrambled to catch up but still remain a poor copy, so if it doesnt say G-Sport on the rim, don't expect it to perform like a G-Sport rim.

The outer walls are extra thick to protect against case dents, while the other walls are extra thin to keep it light. The entire design revolves around the use of a proprietary high strength aluminum alloy made specially for us in an on-site foundry . At 500 grams, the strength to weight ratio of the Ribcage cannot be matched. The 36mm width and 18mm height are also major factors in the design, spreading out the impacts and maximizing resistance to pinch puncturing.

Weight 2 lbs 5 oz.


  • 36H Spoke Configuration
  • Patented and proven clutch-based coaster hub design with FULL 14mm in-bound axle
  • External slack adjustment
  • Removable Plastic hub guard included (replacement guards sold separately).


  • Sizes: 20" Only
  • Drillings: 36 and 48
  • Weight (Hard Anodised): 500g /17.6oz
  • Weight (Chrome Plate): 540g / 19oz
  • Width: 36mm
  • ERD: 389
  • U.S. Patent 7,427,112

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