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Eclat Overguard


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The Overguard is a universal drive-side hub guard. Fully CNC machined out of heat treated 4140 chromoly this guard uses a unique design that allows the guard to fit to pretty much every hub/frame/peg on the market.

The advantage of using Chromoly for the Overguard is that it’s super strong, slides like butter and wont break the bank either. The Overguard sits between the peg and the dropout and then over your chain, or on the non-drive side, so you can actually run two of these for the ultimate guard setup.

full cnc 4140 chromoly


fit over dropout and behind peg for a very durable universal hub guard that will fit the majority of hubs, pegs and frames on the market. Also fits non-drive side. Super tough 4140 chromoly will slide better than alloy guards.

77g (2.7oz)

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