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TSC Kobra Sprocket


With the ever increasing success of our artwork inspired sprockets, we have another killer design to dominate the price point market. Introducing the Shadow Kobra Sprocket. Per usual, minimal material removal creates a very strong and functional design mixed with the unusual shapes that are attributed to the amazing Kobra artwork yielding an amazing and unique product.

As many new sprocket designs are utilizing a thicker 8mm spec, the increased costs have driven other brands to use softer 6061 alloy, which in our opinion, completely contradicts the point of going to a thicker design. We are not taking this path and even keeping this more affordable sprocket manufactured out of the stronger and stiffer 7075 alloy to ensure the longest product lifespan. 

- 5mm thick 7075-T6 alloy
- 15/16” bore with 19mm & 22mm adaptor
- 1/8” offset teeth
- Weight: 2.75 oz.
- Sizes: 25T and 28T

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