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Subrosa Street Rail A-Frame Kit


The latest edition to your Street rail arsenal, we offer you the Subrosa Street Rail A-Frame Kit. This awesome upgrade to your Subrosa Street Rail will allow you to swap the legs of your Street Rail and install the rest of the A-frame parts to the cent er of your Street rail to create a ridiculously good A-Frame rail. This kit is sold separately from the Street Rail and is made exclusively to work with your already existing rail.

- An additional 4 feet added to your Subrosa Street Rail
- 16"-30" Height & 2" round A-Frame grind rail
- Extra wide, rubber padded foot for grip and stability
- Large bolt holes in foot for optional ground connection
- Proprietary locking plate design insures a secure center connection
- Color: Black
- Weight: 36.2 lbs.

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