GrindWheel's Dream Team Challenge 2017 August 18 2017, 2 Comments

GrindWheel's Dream Team Challenge 2017
1- Every Team must have from 2-8 riders
2- Every Team Member MUST complete at least one individual challenge
3- Each Challenge may be completed by three separate team riders for extra points
4- Challenges can only be completed from September 1-22, 2017
5- All teams must submit a video of the challenges completed on September 22, 2017
1. Pusher BMX- Clay Brown, Josh Dunn, Nic Bonner, Mat Olson, Micah Lee
2. Grindwheel- Preston Levi, Dan Nielsen, Devin Burks, Ernest Peters, Adrian Vigil, Dillon "Benedict Arnold" Greybeal, Billie Fox
3. Pusher BMX Race TeamKevin Nielsen, Geon Nielsen, Travis Allen, Nick Sheppard, Jesse Burks, Kenny G, Collin Hudson, Vic Behm
4. Untrue BMXTommy Nguyen, Shane Shaw, Joey Hobart, Jon Harris, Jeff Harris, Levi Crawford, Jeff Dorschner, Jake Duvall
5. Fiji BoizTaylor Bonds, Kaleb Romero, Jamie Wiseman, Gavyn Bazylak, Jakob Warfield, Dylan George
6. Pedal Action BMX- Jeff Fontana, Mike Sheffield, Darian Schumaker, Luke Mendoza, Anthony Amis, Josh Wilson, Josiah Janicek, Tim Reyes
7. Lawson Cycles- Jon Lawson, Zach Drew, Dylon Hernandez, Brenden Jenkins, Heath Owens, Scott Dockstader
8. ABQDNV/DutsComp- Mario Carrasco, Ken Joe Robinson, Dan Pedersen, Joe P, Danny Camacho, Ben Choden, Zan Bergeron, Jack Jolley
9. FloriDUDES- The Dude, Bob Pratt, Drew Dremak, Josue Escribano, Matt Perkins
10. Slay Utah- TJ Ettinger, Jantzen Frampton, Paul Edwards, Jordan Swenson, Thomas Brooks, Justin Hasson, Troy Spear
250 Points
-Long jump 25ft
-360 over a team mate (no laying down)
-Make a pole jam in the streets and ride it
-Bump Jump up a four stair off of a team mate
-Hold a cowbell while another team member moto whips to ring it
-Mike Tag double peg a hubba ledge, down stairs, using steel pegs
-Blindfolded crankflip without shin guards
-Fire cracker a stairset with fire crackers going off on it
500 Points
-Seat jump a rhythm (at least three dirt jumps)
-Light a street handrail on fire and grind it (don't commit arson please)
-Peg manual past a speed indicator sign going 25mph
-Wall ride and leave a 15ft long black rainbow
-Ride a surfer and have a team mate throw you an alley-oop slam dunk
-Do a drop over the tallest team member
-Nose pick another team riders bike out of a quarter pipe
750 Points
-Drink a 40oz and do a 540 in 30 minutes or less (under 21 drink a half gallon of milk)
-Backflip two dirt jumps in a row
-Pegless double peg grind an 8 stair rail
-Get a clip riding a pool (no skateparks)
-Perform an Over/Under on a vert quarter
1000 Points
-3 team members stay overnight at a trail or street spot
-One team member gives another a tattoo with one eye closed
1500 Points
-One team member completes all challenges
2000 Points
-All team members complete all challenges
*Winners will be announced at the GrindWheel Halloween Party